2021 Teams of the Week for Tiers Week 18 4th September

Tiers 1-3
Player Team Division Runs Bowling Catches Stumpings
1 Darryl Woods Oxford Downs 2 Division 2 89page
2 James Basu Bledlow Village 1 Division 2 85page
3 Griffin McComb Bicester & North Oxford 1 Division 2 103*page
4 Robert Wight Horspath 2 Division 2 92page
5 Garry Adamson Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 1 Division 3 78*page
6 James Merriman Minster Lovell 1 Division 3 740-20page
7 Alex Thomas Horspath 2 Division 2 4432page
8 Harry Ackland Cumnor 1 Division 1 28-22page
9 Daniel Clark Bicester & North Oxford 1 Division 2 5-19page
10 Edward Oakley Horspath 2 Division 2 0*5-25page
11 Antony Francis Leighton Buzzard Town 1 Division 3 05-43page

Tiers 4-5
Player Team Division Runs Bowling Catches Stumpings
1 Rhys Nicholas Great Brickhill 2 Division 4A 185*page
2 Reuben Barksfield East and West Hendred 1 Division 5C 116*1-0page
3 Muhhammad Naeem Khan Twyford 2 Division 5A 138page
4 Greg MacDonald Great Brickhill 2 Division 4A 134*page
5 James Coleman Cropredy 2 Division 5B 830-6page
6 Chris Moore Combe 1 Division 5B 77*page
7 Kieran Foggett Witney Swifts 1 Division 4B 234page
8 Simon Payne Challow and Childrey 2 Division 5C 4*5-15page
9 Chris De Verteuil Cumnor 2 Division 4B 23*5-18page
10 James Ingham Hook Norton 1 Division 5B 95-28page
11 Hamid Miah Great Brickhill 2 Division 4A 5-37page

Tiers 6-8
Player Team Division Runs Bowling Catches Stumpings
1 Ismaeil Saghir Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 3 Division 8C 126*2-29page
2 Nathan Dales Tiddington 3 Division 7A 107page
3 Ateeq Ahmed Kimble 1 Division 7A 112*1-45page
4 Kieran Dingle Shipton-under-Wychwood 4 Division 8B 1092-45page
5 Steve Lewis Chesterton 1 Division 7B 107*page
6 Morley Benson Clifton Hampden 1 Division 6C 101page
7 Abdur Rasheed Khan Radley 1 Division 6B 44page
8 Rhys Warner-Carter Chipping Norton 2 Division 8B 6-25page
9 Alfie Atkins East and West Hendred 3 Division 8A 6-26page
10 Chandraveer Dodia Harwell International 1 Division 8A 6-35page
11 Glenn Dickinson Wolverton Town 2 Division 6A 5-7page
The Team of the Week is comprised of:

The two highest scoring opening bats (either batting at 1 or 2)
The highest scoring players batting between 3-7
The best performing wicket keeper based on dismissals, then runs (who is placed at 7 but can be anywhere in the original team)
The best four bowlers

Where someone fits more that one category above, the team is selected based on:

Wicket keeper first (who could have opened the batting but does not take one of these two spots)
The best four bowlers (regardless of where they batted)
The best two opening bats (not in the selections above)
The best four middle-order players (not in the selections above)

Where two players are level the selection is currently random.