Rain Rules and Calculation 2021
6.1 Delayed Start

If the start of a match is delayed the total number of overs available shall be reduced by one for each completed period of 3.5 minutes lost. In Tiers 1-5 Appendix 1 (see below) is used to calculate the overs for each side. In Tiers 6-8 the number of overs for each side is half the available overs (with any odd overs going to the 1st innings)

6.2 Minimum Length of Match

A match in Divisions 1-6 may only begin if there is time for 60 overs to be bowled. A match in Tiers 6-8 may only begin if there is time for 50 overs to be bowled. Assuming tea has been taken a match in Divisions 1-6 may start no later than 3.40pm (3.10pm weeks 17 and 18) and no later than 4.15pm (3.45pm weeks 17 and 18) in Divisions 7-10.

6.3 Interruptions to Play

If play is interrupted after the start of the match then the total number of overs available shall be calculated as follows: At the time of the restart the number of overs remaining shall be calculated as the total amount of time left in the match to 7.30pm (or later if the 1st innings is overrunning or overran) divided by 3.5. Any necessary deductions for tea (30 minutes) and/or change of innings (10 minutes) must be included in the calculation. If tea is not taken between innings then it must last no longer than 20 minutes in order to allow for 10 minutes between innings and no loss of playing time.

The maximum length of the first innings for in such circumstances is set out in Appendix 1. Once 60 overs have been bowled and a match is subsequently abandoned, the result will be a DRAW unless the circumstances outlined in rule 6.5 appertain.

6.4 Multiple Interruptions to Play

At the end of each stoppage the time remaining in the match until 7.30pm (or later if the 1st innings overran) will be recalculated as per the above.

6.5 Minimum Length of Second Innings

If a side batting first has batted for more than 40 overs in Tiers 1-5 or 35 overs in Tiers 6-8 when time is lost, the side batting second is entitled (but not mandatory) for a minimum of 20 overs and in such circumstances their innings must commence by 6.20pm. If the 20 overs are completed the result is a DRAW, if not, the match is ABANDONED.

6.6 Minimum Length of Match

If a match is interrupted and after allowing for 3.5 minutes for each over it is no longer possible for a total of 60 overs in Divisions 1-6 or 50 overs in Divisions 7-10 to be bowled, then with the AGREEMENT OF BOTH CAPTAINS the game can be abandoned. If EITHER captain wishes to continue then the overs remaining are calculated as above in 6.3 and the match can continue. If the match reaches the full, re-calculated overs, with no win to either side then the match will be a DRAW. The entitlement of the side batting first remains a minimum of 32 overs.

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Appendix 1 for Tiers 1-5 ONLY
Note: This only applies BEFORE the START of the MATCH. After this rules 6.3 and 6.4 should be used to calculate overs remaining

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To see some worked examples of the calculation click here