Cherwell Cricket League

Cherwell League

Following recent developments we now have 87 clubs and 186 teams playing across 18 divisions and 8 tiers spread over six counties and are excited for the future of cricket in the region


2023 Season The 2023 season will start on May 6th and end on Sep 2nd

Congratulations to Haddenham CC, the 87th club to join the Cherwell League following the GM last week.
Both current clubs were re-elected and all constitutional and rule changes were approved.

2023 Divisions are now available and the fixtures will follow in late Dec or early Jan
Please Note: T8 Divisions are provisional until we can confirm 12 teams for 18 fixtures works with the current T8 divisions

Umpire Training Find details on this link Mar 23

Performances of the Season
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Team Scores
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2023 Division Winners
Division 1: Aston Rowant 2
Division 2: Bledlow Village 1
Division 3A: Abingdon Vale 1
Division 3B: Banbury 3
Division 4A: Aston Rowant 3
Division 4B: Abingdon Vale 2
Division 5A: Bledlow Village 2
Division 5B: Banbury 4
Division 5C: Cairns Fudge 1
Division 6A: Bledlow Ridge 2
Division 6B: Broughton and North Newington 1
Division 6C: Bampton 1
Division 7A: Aston Rowant 4
Division 7B: Ascott-under-Wychwood 1
Division 7C: Abingdon Vale 3
Division 8A: Chalgrove 1
Division 8B: Abingdon Vale 4
Division 8C: Bicester & North Oxford 4
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