Cherwell Cricket League

Cherwell League

Following recent developments we now have 84 clubs and 176 teams playing across 17 divisions and 8 tiers spread over six counties and are excited for the future of cricket in the region


Remember to read the rules again, from this week we have 9 weeks of Win-Lose-Draw cricket and quite a few rules are different. Ignorance is no defence!

If your match starts we need a result by 10pm Sat, a scorecard by 5pm Tuesday and report form by 5pm Thursday.
If your match DOES NOT start we need a result by 10pm Saturday only
Remember to get all 22 names at the start so you can complete a scorecard

Performances of the week
Live Results
Division Leaders
Division 1: Westbury 1
Division 2: Bledlow Village 1
Division 3: Brackley 1
Division 4A: Horspath 3
Division 4B: Cumnor 2
Division 5A: Chearsley 1
Division 5B: Combe 1
Division 5C: East and West Hendred 1
Division 6A: Wolvercote 2
Division 6B: Radley 1
Division 6C: Thame Town 3
Division 7A: Bledlow Ridge 2
Division 7B: Chadlington 1
Division 7C: Sunningwell 1
Division 8A: Harwell International 1
Division 8B: Chipping Norton 2
Division 8C: Stanton Harcourt 2
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