Cherwell Cricket League

Cherwell League

Following recent developments we now have 84 clubs and 176 teams playing across 17 divisions and 8 tiers spread over six counties and are excited for the future of cricket in the region


2021 Captains Meetings Any one who wants to try entering results, scorecards etc is welcome to use the Beta site at this location. This uses a test database so you can enter as a test without affecting the main site. Any problems please let me know.

Videos from the Captains Meeting are as follows: Tiers 6-8 and Tiers 1-5

Performances of the week
Live Results
We have 1 result submitted so far this week but are still waiting for scorecards...
Division Leaders
Division 1: Abingdon Vale 1
Division 2: Aston Rowant 2
Division 3: Leighton Buzzard Town 1
Division 4A: Aston Rowant 3
Division 4B: Banbury 3
Division 5A: Chearsley 1
Division 5B: Cropredy 2
Division 5C: Challow and Childrey 2
Division 6A: Brackley 2
Division 6B: Horspath 4
Division 6C: Thame Town 3
Division 7A: Bledlow Ridge 2
Division 7B: Cropredy 3
Division 7C: Abingdon Vale 3
Division 8A: Golden Sparrows 1
Division 8B: Middleton Cheney 2
Division 8C: Stanton Harcourt 2
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