The Cherwell Cricket League

Cherwell League 2017 Top Teams


Most Points

Aston Rowant 3Division 6378
Challow and Childrey 3Division 9358
Horley 2Division 7356
Oxford Downs 3Division 9352
Minster Lovell 1Division 4349
Tiddington 3Division 9341
Minster Lovell 2Division 7339
Bledlow Village 2Division 7338
Buckingham Town 2Division 2336
Westbury 2Division 7335

Most Wins

Aston Rowant 3Division 614
Minster Lovell 1Division 412
Horley 2Division 712
Challow and Childrey 3Division 911
Oxford Downs 3Division 911
Abingdon Vale 2Division 510
Wolverton Town 2Division 810
Tiddington 3Division 910
Westbury 2Division 710
Didcot 3Division 810


10 Highest Scores

Horley 1Great Brickhill 2Division 324 June397Scorecard
Long Marston 2Kimble 1Division 524 June380Scorecard
Oxford Downs 2East Oxford 1Division 317 June340Scorecard
Twyford 2Sandford St Martin 2Division 624 June340Scorecard
Long Marston 1Twyford 1Division 124 June338Scorecard
Wolverton Town 1Great Brickhill 2Division 327 May336Scorecard
Buckingham Town 2Sandford St Martin 1Division 28 July331Scorecard
Westbury 2Cublington 2Division 78 July327Scorecard
Banbury 4Chearsley 1Division 62 September319Scorecard
Horley 1Oxford Downs 2Division 310 June314Scorecard

Most Runs Scored

Horley 1Division 33437
Sandford St Martin 1Division 23314
Cumnor 1Division 13258
Buckingham Town 2Division 23183
Oxford 2Division 23141
Leighton Buzzard Town 1Division 23111
Didcot 1Division 23095
Banbury 2Division 13059
Thame Town 2Division 43049
Leighton Buzzard Town 2Division 53035

Top 5 Highest Scores by Division

Division 1

Long Marston 1Twyford 124 June338Scorecard
Dinton 1Long Marston 113 May307Scorecard
Long Marston 1Banbury 28 July284Scorecard
Cumnor 1Aston Rowant 219 August278Scorecard
Cumnor 1Horspath 26 May278Scorecard

Division 2

Buckingham Town 2Sandford St Martin 18 July331Scorecard
Bledlow Village 1Challow and Childrey 16 May311Scorecard
Challow and Childrey 1Sandford St Martin 129 July306Scorecard
Didcot 1Oxford 217 June306Scorecard
Great & Little Tew 2Didcot 18 July303Scorecard

Division 3

Horley 1Great Brickhill 224 June397Scorecard
Oxford Downs 2East Oxford 117 June340Scorecard
Wolverton Town 1Great Brickhill 227 May336Scorecard
Horley 1Oxford Downs 210 June314Scorecard
Horley 1Banbury 315 July311Scorecard

Division 4

Minster Lovell 1Stokenchurch 117 June296Scorecard
Witney Mills 1Shipton-under-Wychwood 212 August261Scorecard
Witney Mills 1Horspath 326 August257Scorecard
Minster Lovell 1Thame Town 229 July255Scorecard
Horspath 3Dinton 210 June251Scorecard

Division 5

Long Marston 2Kimble 124 June380Scorecard
Leighton Buzzard Town 2Bledlow Ridge 11 July308Scorecard
Leighton Buzzard Town 2Cropredy 217 June280Scorecard
Leighton Buzzard Town 2Bledlow Ridge 12 September279Scorecard
Leighton Buzzard Town 2Kimble 127 May278Scorecard

Division 6

Twyford 2Sandford St Martin 224 June340Scorecard
Banbury 4Chearsley 12 September319Scorecard
Twyford 2Banbury 410 June287Scorecard
Chearsley 1Great & Little Tew 35 August283Scorecard
Aston Rowant 3Challow and Childrey 22 September270Scorecard

Division 7

Westbury 2Cublington 28 July327Scorecard
Bledlow Village 2Long Marston 32 September300Scorecard
Aston Rowant 4Cublington 213 May293Scorecard
Cublington 2Aston Rowant 415 July277Scorecard
Bicester & North Oxford 2Horspath 417 June272Scorecard

Division 8

Shipton-under-Wychwood 3Abingdon Vale 36 May279Scorecard
Brackley 2Oxford 426 August273Scorecard
Didcot 3Oxford 43 June243Scorecard
Wolverton Town 2Abingdon Vale 32 September232Scorecard
Buckingham Town 4Oxford 41 July224Scorecard

Division 9

Twyford 3Oxford Downs 38 July297Scorecard
Kimble 2Thame Town 38 July279Scorecard
Cropredy 3Stokenchurch 224 June277Scorecard
Oxford Downs 3Kimble 224 June271Scorecard
Kimble 2Stokenchurch 215 July269Scorecard

Division 10

Aston Rowant 5Shipton-under-Wychwood 42 September295Scorecard
Bicester & North Oxford 3Dinton 317 June292Scorecard
Minster Lovell 3Bicester & North Oxford 326 August268Scorecard
Minster Lovell 3Bicester & North Oxford 324 June254Scorecard
Kingston Bagpuize 2Minster Lovell 38 July240Scorecard

Top 10 Partnerships for any Wicket

PartnershipWicket No.TeamBat 1Bat 1 ScoreBat 2Bat 2 ScoreOppositionMatch DateDivision
2787Leighton Buzzard Town 2Andy Smith5*Tharindu Dilum Dias1*Kimble 127 MayDivision 5Scorecard
2597Challow and Childrey 1Ryan Gordon131*Oliver Dimbylow2*Leighton Buzzard Town 119 AugustDivision 2Scorecard
2517Horspath 3Ryan Hicks45*Stuart Berry8*Dinton 210 JuneDivision 4Scorecard
2513Twyford 2Bilal Afzal0*Tanveer Nadeem73Sandford St Martin 224 JuneDivision 6Scorecard
2419East Oxford 1Malik Sagher Salim5*Zulfiqar Hussain1*Bicester & North Oxford 113 MayDivision 3Scorecard
23910Dinton 1Ryan Chapman32*Will Fisher17*Twyford 127 MayDivision 1Scorecard
2359Leighton Buzzard Town 1Dan Scott65*James Aldridge1*Oxford 21 JulyDivision 2Scorecard
23310Horspath 2Tyrone Eyles8*Andy Cummings0*Long Marston 117 JuneDivision 1Scorecard
22610Thame Town 2Chris Penny2*George Patey3*Tiddington 210 JuneDivision 4Scorecard
22610Aston Rowant 4Carrick Dunbar12*David Simpson1*Witney Mills 28 JulyDivision 7Scorecard

Top Partnership for each Wicket

Wicket No.PartnershipTeamBat 1Bat 1 ScoreBat 2Bat 2 ScoreOppositionMatch DateDivision
1198Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 1Arfan Ahmed10*Rustum Rabani1*Great & Little Tew 212 AugustDivision 2Scorecard
2173Shipton-under-Wychwood 3Justin Hemming0*Jason Hunt128Abingdon Vale 36 MayDivision 8Scorecard
3251Twyford 2Bilal Afzal0*Tanveer Nadeem73Sandford St Martin 224 JuneDivision 6Scorecard
4221Cumnor 2Joel Washbourn - Calcutt125*George Setterfield51*Long Marston 21 JulyDivision 5Scorecard
5199Aston Rowant 4Witney Mills 28 JulyDivision 7Scorecard
6222Bicester & North Oxford 2Ben Clark52*Warwick Bradfield2*Horley 210 JuneDivision 7Scorecard
7278Leighton Buzzard Town 2Andy Smith5*Tharindu Dilum Dias1*Kimble 127 MayDivision 5Scorecard
8224Bletchley Town 2Darren Turner9*Stewart Hendry0*Dinton 324 JuneDivision 10Scorecard
9247Challow and Childrey 3Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 313 MayDivision 9Scorecard
10272Cropredy 1Challow and Childrey 124 JuneDivision 2Scorecard


Most Wickets

Buckingham Town 3Division 6154
Dinton 1Division 1153
Buckingham Town 2Division 2151
Aston Rowant 3Division 6150
Minster Lovell 2Division 7149
Stokenchurch 1Division 4148
Abingdon Vale 2Division 5146
Brackley 1Division 4146
Leighton Buzzard Town 1Division 2145
Bletchley Town 1Division 4144

Fewest Runs Conceded

Bletchley Town 2Division 101326
Wolverton Town 2Division 81334
Banbury 5Division 91510
Brackley 2Division 81544
Didcot 3Division 81656
Twyford 3Division 91733
Buckingham Town 4Division 81789
Bledlow Ridge 2Division 81791
Didcot 4Division 101824
Cumnor 3Division 81826