The Cherwell Cricket League

Cherwell League Playing Rules 2019

There are now four match types, each with different rules. You can download or read each of them by clicking on the links below:

Some standard conditions are also shown below


1.1 Playing Conditions

    All matches will be governed by the Laws of Cricket except as otherwise stated in the Cherwell League Playing Rules.

2.2 Affiliation

    Each club wishing to play cricket in the Cherwell Cricket League must first be affiliated to the County Board of the County in which it is situated and must then comply with that Board's requirements regarding the ECB "Safe Hands Policy".


2.1. Divisions 1 to 6

    All matches must be played on the same ground that has been designated by the home club as their home ground, on the dates designated by the Fixture Secretary. Any match that cannot be played on a club's designated ground will be forfeited by the home team, who will receive a £50 fine, and their opponents will receive 25 points; the match can still be played as a friendly.

2.2 Divisions 7 to 10

    Approved grounds to be used by teams playing in these Divisions, will not need to be inspected, - newly developed grounds will need to be inspected and approved

All grounds used should meet the following standards:

     Good separate changing facilities for BOTH teams.

     Indoor toilets with hand wash basin, preferably with working hot showers.

     Communal area for providing teas.

     Car parking space sufficient for both teams within the ground.

     Proper scoreboard, clearly visible from the pitch.

     Properly prepared pitch.

     Properly mowed outfield.

     Boundaries and fielding circles (in Divisions 1-6 all matches and 7-10 for Win-Lose matches ) clearly marked.

Should the League receive two or more adverse reports from visiting teams regarding the above requirements, the ground in question will be inspected (a charge of £50 will apply) and any recommended improvements must be carried out within an agreed timescale or permission to play on the ground may be withheld.

2.3 Match Forms

    Where Umpires are present, at least 20 minutes before the start of play the team captains must give the umpires an ECB form with player names and ages to allow the umpires to regulate the ECB Fast Bowling Directives. FOUR new balls, as specified by the League, and at least six good quality spare used balls must be given to the umpires by the home club. Panel umpires should be paid their match fee (£45) in an envelope, at least 20 minutes before the start of play.

2.4 The Toss

    The toss shall take place at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the match. If either captain or his representative is not present at this time then the other team will have the option of claiming or conceding the toss.

2.5 Delayed Start

    If, in the opinion of the umpires, either team is responsible for a delay in the start of the match, then that team will lose one over for each 3.5 minutes lost from its allocation of overs when it bats.

2.6 Innings Break

    Between the innings it is the responsibility of the home team to re-mark the creases at both ends to a standard acceptable to the umpires. In Divisions 5 to 10 away teams should report to the League if this is not done. In Divisions 1 to 4 if remarking has not been carried out, Panel umpires will mark on the form that is sent in by them any instances of failure to do so. After two reports the club will be informed that they have been reported twice, and should they transgress on a third occasion, then they will lose 5 points on that and each subsequent occasion.


3.1 Forfeits

    Teams forfeiting before 9pm on the Thursday preceding the fixture will be fined £50 and deducted five points. Both the opposing captain and the League Secretary must be informed by email and/or a telephone call before the deadline time. In the event of a team forfeiting a match after 9pm on the Thursday preceding the fixture the club will be fined £100 and the team deducted ten points. Fines will be paid to the oppostion. The Management Committee will become involved in the payments if the offending club has not paid within 4 weeks of the end of the season in question. The cancelled match must always be the match in the Division in which the club's lowest team plays.

3.2. Number of Players

    Each club's first team and all teams in Division 4 or higher must field 11 players. Lower ranked teams can play with less than 11 players provided no lower ranked team has more players than one of its higher ranked teams. Any team that transgresses the foregoing will be deducted 10 points and the lower club team who played with a full team will also be deducted 10 points.

3.3 Less than 11 Players

    The minimum number of players in a club's lowest placed team will be nine; any team fielding less than nine players will be deemed to have forfeited the match. The match will be awarded to their opponents with the subsequent penalties as shown in League Playing Rule 3 being imposed; with the agreement of their opponents the match can be played as a friendly. Should both teams have fewer than nine players neither team will receive any points and the match will be cancelled with the penalties as shown in League Playing Rule 3 being imposed upon both teams.

    A club may appeal against the loss of a match and the imposition of Playing Rule 3.2 or 3.3. Any such appeal must be made within five days of the date that the match should have taken place. The appeal will be dealt with by the League Management Committee.

3.4 Failure to Fulfil Fixtures

    Any club that has only two teams and whose second team fails to fulfil three or more fixtures, will have to be re-elected to stay in the League at the next A.G.M.
    If any club that has more than two teams has a team that fails to fulfil its fixtures on two or more occasions in a season, the League Management Committee will decide upon the future continuance of that team in the League.

3.5. Multiple Forfeits

    Any team which fails to fulfil at least two thirds of its scheduled fixtures shall have its record expunged from the league for that season and all points gained in fixtures against them will be removed and the tables recalculated without that team included.


4.1 Cancellations Due to Weather

    The Ground Executive of the home team shall determine the fitness or otherwise of a ground before a match and shall advise its opponents when a fixture is to be cancelled. The decision to cancel a match should not be taken before the day of the match unless mutually agreed by both clubs and both clubs have informed the League Secretary. In the absence of any such cancellation, this responsibility is assumed by the umpires in accordance with the Laws of Cricket (Law 3) whose decision is final. If an umpire / umpires has / have not been informed that a match has been cancelled and the umpire / umpires attend the ground, the HOME team will be responsible for paying the umpire / umpires fee / fees.

4.2. Artificial Pitches

    A fixture may only be played on a synthetic surface if:

    a. the non-turf pitch has been approved by the League, and
    b. both captains agree, and
    c. the captains, in consultation with the umpires, agree that a grass pitch of suitable condition is not available on the square.

4.3. Covers

    A pitch may be fully covered during a match in the event of inclement weather. All teams playing in Divisions 1 to 6 must have covers sufficient to cover the whole of the match pitch.


5.1 Timing

    (i) In Divisions 1 to 6 play will commence at 12.30pm except in the last two weeks of the season when play will commence at 12.00pm
    (ii) In Divisions 7 to 10 play will commence at 1.00pm except in the last two weeks of the season when play will commence at 12.30pm

5.2 Balls

    One approved official Cherwell Cricket League new ball will be used at the start of each innings, both balls to be supplied by the HOME club. Both balls must be presented to the umpires (if present) before the start of play.


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Match Points

The match points are new for 2019 - they are detailed in the pdfs for each match type and reproduced here:

Win: 25 points

Tie: 18 points

Abandoned Matches: 7 points (or bonus points gained if more) each

Winning Draw: 7 points

Losing Draw: 2 points

The team which has achieved the higher run rate will earn a winning draw and be awarded 7 points plus all bonus points earned. The team with the lower run rate will earn a losing draw and be awarded 2 points plus all bonus points earned. If run rates are identical, the team that batted first will be considered to have the higher run rate. For the purpose of calculating run rates, if a team is bowled out in the first innings, they will be considered to have batted all the overs that were available to them. In the event of a declaration, an over that has been started will be deemed to have been completed.

For a result to be possible, the second innings requires to be at least 20 overs unless a result is achieved before this. If a team opts to bat with less than 20 overs available in the second innings and a result (win) is not achieved, the match is abandoned

Bonus Points


Divisions 1-6

100-124 - 1 point

125-149 - 2 points

150-174 - 3 points

175-199 - 4 points

200-224 - 5 points

225-249 - 6 points

250+ - 7 points

Divisions 7-10

75-99 - 1 point

100-124 - 2 points

125-149 - 3 points

150-174 - 4 points

175-199 - 5 points

200-224 - 6 points

225+ - 7 points

Bowling (All divisions)

4th wicket - 1 point

5th wicket - 2 points

6th wicket - 3 points

7th wicket - 4 points

8th wicket - 5 points

9th wicket - 6 points

10th wicket (or team all out) - 7 points