The Cherwell Cricket League

Cherwell League Playing Rules 2019

There is NO CHANGE to the wide rule for 2019 Except for the Division One-Six matches played under limited overs rules as stated above

The match result must be in by 11pm on the day of the match. The penalty for late results is now 2 league points deducted

Rain affecfed overs matches in Divisions 5 & 6 will be decided by Duckwork-Lewis. A free app to determine par score is available here Familiarisation on the use of the app will be provided at the Captains Meeting

Full Playing Rules 2019


1.1 Playing Conditions

    All matches will be governed by the Laws of Cricket except as otherwise stated in the Cherwell League Playing Rules (this document).

2.2 Affiliation

    Each club wishing to play cricket in the Cherwell Cricket League must first be affiliated to the County Board of the County in which it is situated and must then comply with that Board's requirements regarding the ECB "Safe Hands Policy".


2.1. Divisions 1 to 6

    All matches must be played on the same ground that has been designated by the home club as their home ground, on the dates designated by the Fixture Secretary. Any match that cannot be played on a club's designated ground will be forfeited by the home team, who will receive a £50 fine, and their opponents will receive 25 points; the match can still be played as a friendly.

2.2 Divisions 7 to 10

    Approved grounds to be used by teams playing in these Divisions, will not need to be inspected, - newly developed grounds will need to be inspected and approved - and all grounds used should meet the following standards:

    2.2.1. Good separate changing facilities for BOTH teams.

    2.2.2. Indoor toilets with hand wash basin, preferably with working hot showers.

    2.2.3. Communal area for providing teas.

    2.2.4. Car parking space sufficient for both teams within the ground.

    2.2.5. Proper scoreboard, clearly visible from the pitch.

    2.2.6. Properly prepared pitch.

    2.2.7. Properly mowed outfield.

    2.2.8. Boundaries and fielding circles (in Divisions 1-6 only ) clearly marked.

Should the League receive two or more adverse reports from visiting teams regarding the above requirements, the ground in question will be inspected (a charge of £50 will apply) and any recommended improvements must be carried out within an agreed timescale or permission to play on the ground may be withheld.

2.3 Match Forms

    Where Umpires are present, at least 20 minutes before the start of play the team captains must give the umpires an ECB form with player names and ages to allow the umpires to regulate the ECB Fast Bowling Directives. Two new balls, as specified by the League, and at least six good quality spare used balls must be given to the umpires by the home club. Panel umpires should be paid their match fee (£40) in an envelope, at least 20 minutes before the start of play.

2.4 The Toss

    The toss shall take place at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the match. If either captain or his representative is not present at this time then the other team will have the option of claiming or conceding the toss.

2.5 Delayed Start

    If, in the opinion of the umpires, either team is responsible for a delay in the start of the match, then that team will lose one over for each 3.5 minutes lost from its allocation of overs when it bats.

2.6 Innings Break

    Between the innings it is the responsibility of the home team to re-mark the creases at both ends to a standard acceptable to the umpires. In Divisions 5 to 10 away teams should report to the League if this is not done. In Divisions 1 to 4 if remarking has not been carried out, Panel umpires will mark on the form that is sent in by them any instances of failure to do so. After two reports the club will be informed that they have been reported twice, and should they transgress on a third occasion, then they will lose 5 points on that and each subsequent occasion.


3.1 Forfeits

    Teams forfeiting before 9pm on the Thursday preceding the fixture will be fined £50 and deducted five points. Both the opposing captain and the League Secretary must be informed by email and/or a telephone call before the deadline time. In the event of a team forfeiting a match after 9pm on the Thursday preceding the fixture the club will be fined £100 and the team deducted ten points. Fines will be paid to the oppostion. The Management Committee will become involved in the payments if the offending club has not paid within 4 weeks of the end of the season in question. The cancelled match must always be the match in the Division in which the club's lowest team plays.

3.2. Number of Players

    Each club's first team and all teams in Division 4 or higher must field 11 players. Lower ranked teams can play with less than 11 players provided no lower ranked team has more players than one of its higher ranked teams. Any team that transgresses the foregoing will be deducted 10 points and the lower club team who played with a full team will also be deducted 10 points.

3.3 Less than 11 Players

    The minimum number of players in a club's lowest placed team will be nine; any team fielding less than nine players will be deemed to have forfeited the match. The match will be awarded to their opponents with the subsequent penalties as shown in League Playing Rule 3 being imposed; with the agreement of their opponents the match can be played as a friendly. Should both teams have fewer than nine players neither team will receive any points and the match will be cancelled with the penalties as shown in League Playing Rule 3 being imposed upon both teams.

    A club may appeal against the loss of a match and the imposition of Playing Rule 3.2 or 3.3. Any such appeal must be made within five days of the date that the match should have taken place. The appeal will be dealt with by the League Management Committee.

3.4 Failure to Fulfil Fixtures

    Any club that has only two teams and whose second team fails to fulfil three or more fixtures, will have to be re-elected to stay in the League at the next A.G.M.

    If any club that has more than two teams has a team that fails to fulfil its fixtures on two or more occasions in a season, the League Management Committee will decide upon the future continuance of that team in the League.

3.5. Multiple Forfeits

    Any team which fails to fulfil at least two thirds of its scheduled fixtures shall have its record expunged from the league for that season and all points gained in fixtures against them will be removed and the tables recalculated without that team included.


4.1 Cancellations Due to Weather

    The Ground Executive of the home team shall determine the fitness or otherwise of a ground before a match and shall advise its opponents when a fixture is to be cancelled. The decision to cancel a match should not be taken before the day of the match unless mutually agreed by both clubs and both clubs have informed the League Secretary. In the absence of any such cancellation, this responsibility is assumed by the umpires in accordance with the Laws of Cricket (Law 3) whose decision is final. If an umpire / umpires has / have not been informed that a match has been cancelled and the umpire / umpires attend the ground, the HOME team will be responsible for paying the umpire / umpires fee / fees.

4.2. Artificial Pitches

    A fixture may only be played on a synthetic surface if:

    a. the non-turf pitch has been approved by the League, and
    b. both captains agree, and
    c. the captains, in consultation with the umpires, agree that a grass pitch of suitable condition is not available on the square.

4.3. Covers

    A pitch may be fully covered during a match in the event of inclement weather. All teams playing in Divisions 1 to 6 must have covers sufficient to cover the whole of the match pitch.


5.1 Timing

    (i) In Divisions 1 to 6 play will commence at 12.30pm except in the last two weeks of the season when play will commence at 12.00pm
    (ii) In Divisions 7 to 10 play will commence at 1.00pm except in the last two weeks of the season when play will commence at 12.30pm

5.2 Balls

    One approved official Cherwell Cricket League new ball will be used at the start of each innings, both balls to be supplied by the HOME club. Both balls must be presented to the umpires (if present) before the start of play.

5.3 First Innings - Timed Matches

    In Divisions 1-6 the team bowling first must be in a position to start the 53rd over after 3 hours 10 mins (i.e. by 3.40pm (3.10pm in weeks 17 and 18) if there are no interruptions).

In Divisions 7-10 the team bowling first must complete its 45 overs in 2 hours 45 minutes (i.e. by 3.45pm (3.15pm in weeks 17 and 18) if there are no interruptions).

If, by the deadline time, the side bowling first has failed to deliver the required number of overs it will continue to bowl but will lose one point for each over not completed by the deadline time.

5.4 Second Innings - Timed Matches

    The time allowed to the team bowling in the second innings will be calculated by multiplying the number of overs by 3.5 minutes and adding 5 minutes. The umpires shall inform the fielding captain of the time by which the overs must be completed. If, by the deadline time, the side bowling second has failed to deliver its overs it will continue to bowl and will lose one point for each over not completed by the deadline time.

5.5 Declarations

    In Divisions 1-6 if the team batting first is dismissed or declares its innings closed before the end of its allotted overs, the team batting second shall have the balance of such overs added to its own allocation. For the purpose of this rule an over that has been started shall be deemed to have been completed.

5.6 Extensions to Time Allowed

    The time allowed to each team to bowl its overs may be extended by the umpires in exceptional circumstances, providing any relevant stoppage lasts LONGER THAN THREE MINUTES. Any such allowance must be agreed by the umpire(s) and notified to the teams and scorers, at the time of the occurrence.

5.7 Spare Balls

    Not withstanding item 5.6 above, if play is delayed due to a shortage of spare balls while the home team is fielding, no additional time may be allowed. If play is delayed in such circumstances while the away team is fielding, the umpires may, at their discretion, allow additional time.

    Note: Time spent searching for lost balls, except as set out in 5.6 and for the first drinks break may not be added to the time allowed. If a further drinks break is agreed before the start of play, and is subsequently taken, a further 3 minutes shall be added to the time allowed.

5.8 Tea

    The tea interval will last a maximum of 30 minutes and will normally be taken between innings unless otherwise agreed by the captains. Tea may not, however, be taken during the last hour of play.

5.9 Close of Play

    Unless a result is achieved earlier, games shall normally finish at 7.00 pm (6.30pm in weeks 17 and 18).

5.10 Overs

    In 2019 for all teams the season will be structured as follows: The first 5 weeks and the last 4 weeks of the season will be 50 overs win/lose cricket with strict leg side wide rules (anything passing down the leg side) being applied. The remainder of the season will consist of 100 6-ball overs except where the match is affected by weather or a result is achieved sooner.     Divisions 7 to 10 will play a maximum of 90 overs.

5.11 Divisions 1-6

    The side batting first in Divisions 1 to 6 shall face no more than 53 of the overs available at the commencement of play in the 100 overs matches

5.12 Divisions 7-10

    In Divisions 7 to 10 all matches are scheduled to last 90 overs split equally 45 overs per team. If the team batting first in bowled out in less than 45 overs, it will still have 45 overs to bowl, in the designated time. If the team batting first declares before 45 overs have been bowled, then the team batting second will receive the full overs remaining. The team bowling second will receive the additional time to bowl the extra overs, calculated at 3.5 minutes per over.

5.13 Fielding Circles

    In Divisions 1-6 only: At the instant of delivery a minimum of four fieldsman (plus the bowler and wicketkeeper) must be within an area bounded by two semi-circles (each with a radius of 30 yards) centred on each middle stump and joined by a parallel line on each side of the pitch. In the event of an infringement the square leg umpire shall call "No Ball". The fielding circle should be marked by white plastic or rubber (but not metal) disc measuring 7 inches in diameter.

5.14. Wides

    This rule applies to Divisions 1-6 only - This is as per ICC ODI Regulation 25.1

    Umpires are instructed to apply very strict and consistent interpretation in regard to this Law in order to prevent negative bowling wide of the wicket. Any offside or legside delivery which in the opinion of the umpire does not give the batsman a reasonable opportunity to score shall be called a wide.

5.15. Overs Per Bowler

    Bowlers in all divisions will be restricted to bowling a maximum one third of the overs available at the start of an innings. In the event of a reduction in overs due to rain, the number of overs a bowler is allowed to bowl will be recalculated before play commences. Where one third is not an exact number, the overs available to a bowler will be rounded down. In the event that a bowler exceeds his permitted overs, for any reason, the batting side will be awarded 10 penalty runs for each over bowled (or part thereof) above the permitted limit (in addition to any runs scored in the over). The side bowling at the time will also be deducted 3 match points for every over bowled over the limit. If any individual bowler bowls three or more overs above their permitted limit, his team will be deemed to have forfeited the match and receive no points. If in the opinion of Panel Umpires officiating in the match, or the League Committee where no Panel Umpires are present, the team transgressing are deemed to have deliberately exceeded a bowler’s limit to gain an advantage then the match will deemed to have been forfeited and will result in 0 points for the offending team and 25 points for the opposition. Examples of ‘deliberate’ could be, but are not limited to: a bowler bowling additional overs when informed he has bowled his allocation, a bowler bowling additional overs and significantly altering the outcome of the match by doing so. There is no right of appeal to any decision made based on the above.

5.16 League Tables

    Teams in each division will be ranked according to the number of points gained. If two or more teams have the same number of points, the team with the greater number of wins shall be placed higher. If the number of wins is the same, the team who has lost fewer games will be placed higher, if the number of loses is the same, the team(s) with more bonus points shall be placed higher. If the number of bonus points is the same, the team gaining more points in matches between the teams will be placed higher; if the teams are still level then the team with the best cumulative run rate in matches between the teams will be placed higher.

5.17 Behaviour

    Any club being marked three times by panel umpires in the same season with a mark of 5 or less for conduct will be deducted ten points. Any further marks of 5 or less will result in a further deduction of points. The Secretary will inform a club once it has received two marks of 5 or less for behaviour.


6.1 Start Time

    If the start of a match is delayed the total number of overs available shall be reduced by one for each completed period of 3.5 minutes lost. In Divisions 1-6 Appendix 1 is used to calculate the overs for each side.

    In Divisions 7-10 the number of overs for each side is half the available overs (with any odd overs going to the 1st innings)

    Duckworth-Lewis will be used in Divisions 1-6 for the 50 overs per side matches.

6.2 Minimum Length of Match

    A match in Divisions 1-6 may only begin if there is time for 60 overs to be bowled. A match in Divisions 7-10 may only begin if there is time for 50 overs to be bowled. Assuming tea has been taken a match in Divisions 1-6 may start no later than 3.40pm (3.10pm weeks 17 and 18) and no later than 4.15pm (3.45pm weeks 17 and 18) in Divisions 7-10.

6.3 Interruptions to Play

    If play is interrupted after the start of the match then the total number of overs available shall be calculated as follows:

    At the time of the restart the number of overs remaining shall be calculated as the total amount of time left in the match to 7.00pm (6.30pm in weeks 17 and 18) (or later if the 1st innings is overrunning or overran) divided by 3.5. Any necessary deductions for tea (30 minutes), change of innings (10 minutes) and extra allowance per innings (5 minutes) must be included in the calculation. If tea is not taken between innings then it must last no longer than 20 minutes in order to allow for 10 minutes between innings and no loss of playing time.

    The maximum length of the first innings in such circumstances is set out in Appendix 1. Once 60 overs have been bowled and a match is subsequently abandoned, the result will be a DRAW unless the circumstances outlined in rule 6.5 appertain.

6.4 Multiple Interruptions to Play

    At the end of each stoppage the time remaining in the match until 7.00pm (6.30pm in weeks 17 and 18) (or later if the 1st innings overran) will be recalculated as per the above.

6.5 Minimum Length of Second Innings

    If a side batting first has batted for more than 40 overs in Divisions 1-6 or 35 overs in Divisions 7-10 when time is lost, the side batting second is entitled (but not mandatory) for a minimum of 20 overs and in such circumstances their innings must commence by 6.20pm (5.50pm in weeks 17 and 18).
If the 20 overs are completed the result is a DRAW if not the match is ABANDONED.

6.6 Minimum Length of Match

    If a match is interrupted and after allowing for 3.5 minutes for each over it is no longer possible for a total of 60 overs in Divisions 1-6 or 50 overs in Divisions 7-10 to be bowled, then with the AGREEMENT OF BOTH CAPTAINS the game can be abandoned. If EITHER captain wishes to continue then the overs remaining are calculated as above in 6.3 and the match can continue. If the match reaches the full, re-calculated overs, with no win to either side then the match will be a DRAW.
    The entitlement of the side batting first remains a minimum of 32 overs.
    Once a match has commenced with a minimum of 60 overs available, should the team batting first be bowled out or declare its innings before the amount of overs calculated have been bowled then the team batting second only has to bat a minimum of 20 overs for a result of a draw to stand if neither team has won the match. There is no requirement for 60 overs to be bowled in these circumstances.


The following points will be awarded at the conclusion of a timed match:

    NOTE: The points for the Division 1-6 limited overs matches can be found here

    o Win - TWENTY-FIVE points

    o Tie - EIGHTEEN points each

    o Loss - ZERO points

    o Draw - If the team batting second gets within 1 to 10 runs of the first innings score it will receive THREE points, bowling team THREE points.

      o If the team batting second gets within 11 to 20 runs of the first innings score it will receive TWO points, bowling team FOUR points.

      o If the team batting second gets within 21 to 30 runs of the first innings score it will receive ONE point, bowling team FIVE points.

      o If the team batting second is more than 30 behind the runs scored in the first innings it will receive ZERO points, bowling team SIX points.

    o Abandoned - SIX points each or bonus points earned - whichever is the greater

    o Cancelled - SIX points each

    o Scores level in a drawn match:

    o   Team batting first - THREE points

    o   Team batting second - FIVE points

    o   In the event of a match in which the overs in the 2nd innings have been reduced by 25% or more of the maximum available (47 in Divs 1-6 and 45 in Divs 7-10), then if the team that won the toss batted first each team will receive 3 points each for a drawn match, otherwise the draw points as set out above will apply.

    Bonus points are awarded to the losing team and to both teams in the event of a drawn match as follows:

    Divisions 1-6
    a) Batting:

    ONE point for reaching each of 100, 130, 160, 190, 220 runs - This will apply for the full duration of the innings in all divisions 1-6).

    b) Bowling:

    Team bowling first - ONE point each for taking each of 3, 5, 7, 9, 10 wickets. Five bowling points will apply if a side is all out, regardless of the number of wickets actually taken. This will apply for the full duration of the innings.

    Team bowling second - ONE point for each wicket taken.

    Divisions 7-10
    a) Batting:

    ONE point for reaching each of 90, 110, 130, 150, 170, 190 runs - This will apply for the full duration of the innings in all divisions (7-10).

    b) Bowling:

    Both Innings - ONE point for each wicket taken. (a team 'all out' will result in the bowling side gaining 10 points irrespective of the actual number of wickets taken


8.1 Registration

All players must comply with the Cherwell Cricket League Registration Rules.

8.2 Payment of Players

    Contracts between clubs and players for the payment of any sum of money or other remuneration or reward, is not allowed in the Cherwell Cricket League, except with the express written authority of the League Management Committee.

Any player wishing to be involved in the "Chance to Shine" programme must obtain a letter from the County Board confirming that the player is approved by and being paid by the Board.

A club may not be assisted by a third party to make a payment to a player of any sum of money or other remuneration or reward, which if paid by the club to the player directly would be a breach of these rules.

If the Committee believes that a third party is paying any sum of money or other remuneration or reward which if paid by the club to the player directly would be a breach of these rules, the League Management Committee can take action against the club, as if payment had been made by the club itself.

8.3 Travel Expenses

    A Club may pay players reasonable costs of travel to and from matches**, these costs are to be clearly shown in the club's audited annual accounts. For avoidance of doubt this does not include the payment of airfares.

The Management Committee reserves the right to ask for and verify by sight any information that it requires concerning the application or a breach of these rules.

    **NOTE: Reasonable costs of travel are deemed to be:

    a) Second class return fare from player's UK residence to ground.

    b) Return bus fare from player's UK residence to ground.

    c) Return travel by car from UK residence to ground @ 35p per mile.

    The League reserves the right to request documented verification in writing of the foregoing requirements.

8.4 Misconduct

    Misconduct by any player, member, or associate of any club affiliated to the League in the course of or in conjunction with a Cherwell League match shall be viewed as a disciplinary offence and may result in action being taken by the League under its Code of Conduct.

8.5 Weeks 17 and 18

    In weeks 17 and 18 a player shall not play in any division lower than that in which he has played the majority of his games in weeks 1 to 12 inclusive, except that he will be eligible to play in such a lower division so long as he has, in weeks 1 to 12, played in that same division for 2 or more weeks provided that playing in the said lower division does not mean him dropping more than one club XI.

    Example: He may drop from 1st XI to 2nd XI or 2nd XI to 3rd XI but not from 1st XI to 3rd XI or 2nd XI to 4th XI and so on.

8.6 Weeks 17 and 18 Eligibility

    When determining under rule 17.1 where a player has played the majority of his games in weeks 1 to 12 it is found that he has played equally amongst two or more club XIs then the highest placed XI in which he has played shall determine the point from which a lower division is calculated.

    Example: A player has played 4 times in each of his clubs 1st, 2nd and 3rd XIs in weeks 1 to 12.

    In weeks 17 and 18 he may only play in either his clubs 1st XI or 2nd XI.

    Note: The object of rules 8.5 and 8.6 is to prevent clubs in weeks 17 and 18 from using players from higher divisions to unduly influence promotion and relegation issues of lower divisions in which they would not normally play and to continue to promote The Spirit of Cricket.

    Note: In exceptional circumstances, where a player who has played in more than 50% of the relevant team's matches, could be prevented from playing in weeks 17 and 18, the matter should be referred to the League Secretary by no later than 12.30 pm on the Wednesday preceding the fixture, for a ruling.

8.7 Clarification for Weeks 17 and 18

    Any club wishing to seek an exemption to rules 8.5 and 8.6 must contact the Registration Secretary (or his nominated deputy) in writing, by the Thursday preceding the match, stating clearly the reasons they require the exemption. The request should copied to the League Chairman and League Secretary. Exemptions will only be granted if The League is satisfied that there is no attempt to strengthen a lower team to the detriment of a higher placed team and that there is a genuine reason for the request. The players playing record for the current season and, in particular, recent matches will be taken into account. An example of where an exemption may be appropriate would be a player returning from injury.

    Note: Player appearances for Weeks 1-12 are shown on the club details pages on the league website for each club once you are logged in.


9.1. Umpires

    Umpires shall be appointed as available and where appropriate, on behalf of the Management Committee by the League Umpires' Secretary from a panel maintained by the League.

9.2 Panel Umpires

    ALL teams in Divisions 1 to 4 must nominate, for each week of the season, an umpire who has full CRB clearance, has preferably taken part in a recognised ECBCOA training course, be at least capable of umpiring at this level and have had experience of umpiring on a regular basis in Division seven or above of the Cherwell League.

9.3 Umpires Reports

    Any umpire so nominated who constantly receives poor marks or adverse reports will, after consultation with the club who nominated the umpire, be removed from the panel.

9.4 Failure to Nominate to the Panel

    Failure to nominate an umpire for any week of the season will result in a five point deduction on each occasion. If an umpire subsequently drops out of a date that he has been nominated for, it is the nominating clubs responsibility to name a replacement, regardless of whether he has an actual appointment or is on "Stand by".

9.5 Umpires Allocation

    Umpires will be allocated matches by:

    a) Being appointed to a specific match or

    b) By being put on "Stand by". Being on "Stand by" means that the club who originally nominated the umpire may offer him /her, another appointment in a lower Division, but should they later be required to umpire a match in Divisions 1 to 4 that requirement would take precedence.

9.6 Unavailability of Nominated Umpire

    If a nominated umpire becomes unavailable and there is no "Stand by" available as a replacement, then the club who originally nominated the umpire who is no longer available will be responsible for nominating a suitable replacement. Clubs will be informed no later than 8pm on the Friday before the match if their nominated "Stand by" is required. Any club, who fails to nominate a replacement, will be deducted five points.

9.7 Club Umpires

    If no panel umpire is appointed to a match in Divisions 5, 6 or 7 then both clubs must each provide a competent umpire who is not otherwise participating in the match. Any club failing to provide an umpire in these circumstances will be deducted five points in divisions five and six and two points in division 7.

9.8 Only One Umpire

    If only one panel umpire or club umpire is provided then that umpire shall stand at the bowler's end throughout the match and be paid both match fees. Club umpires will make their own arrangement with their own club but be entitled to a match fee from the other club. If a club provides an umpire to stand in a match, with a panel umpire or with another club umpire, the other club cannot object to this umpire on the day of the match. This rule applies in all ten divisions

9.9 Decision on Play

    When only one official umpire (Panel or club) officiates in a match, all decisions relating to the condition of the pitch, weather or light and regarding starting, stopping or restarting any match will be taken by the official umpire only, without reference to a player acting as an umpire.

9.10 Umpires Payments for Abandoned Matches

    If a match is abandoned without a ball being bowled, panel umpires who have travelled to the ground shall receive their match fee in full. If the home club fails to inform the panel umpire(s) that a match has been cancelled and the appointed umpire(s) travel to the ground, the home club will be responsible for paying the fee(s) due.

9.11 Umpires Meeting

    In matches with Panel Umpires both Captains should meet together with both Umpires within 20 minutes of the end of the match for a post-match discussion/debrief, regardless of whether the match came to a conclusion or was abandoned for any reason.

9.12 Scorers in Divisions 1-4

    In Divisions 1 to 4 it is the responsibility of each club to provide a competent Scorer who is not otherwise participating in the match, and is available throughout. Umpires will be asked to inform the League on the official League Report Form that this rule has been complied with. Failure to comply will result in the offending Club(s) being deducted five points.

9.13 Scorers in Divisions 5-10

    In all other divisions it is the responsibility of the captains to ensure that two people are acting as scorers throughout the match. Each club must make sure that a proper scorebook is used (not sheets taken from the opponents' book) and that the record shows, under Batsmen, all players who played in the match, not just those who actually batted.


10.1 Results Submission

    In All Divisions the result and a match scorecard need to be recorded and submitted by the home captain using the Cherwell League website. Details of the procedure are set out on the website and in the Handbook. Clubs in breach of this procedure may be fined £15 and two points deducted on each occasion.

10.2 Timing

    The match result must be submitted to the website by 11pm on the Saturday of the match. Failure to do so may result in a 2 point deduction.

10.3 Registrations/Scorecards

    ALL home team captains, in all divisions, are to ensure that the appropriate Match Scorecard is properly completed on the Cherwell League website before the Thursday following the match. Failure to do so by due date may result in a £15 fine and a two point deduction. Forms not completed within a further 7 days may result in a further penalty of 5 points being deducted. If after 14 days a form is not completed the matter will be reported to the Management Committee for possible further disciplinary action.

10.4 Umpires Report Form

    In Divisions 1 to 6 the Captain of BOTH teams will complete an "Umpires Report Form". This form should be submitted on the website, during the week following the match and before the Wednesday following the match. Failure to do so may incur a fine of £15 and a two point deduction. Forms not submitted within a further 7 days may result in a further penalty of 5 points being deducted. If after 14 days a form is not submitted the matter will be reported to the Management Committee for possible further disciplinary action.


11.1 Promotion to Home Counties Premier League

    If the League champions (Division 1 winners) do not meet the criteria for promotion, or decline an invitation to join the Home Counties Premier League Division Two (West), the team finishing in second place will become eligible for promotion.

11.2 Acceptance to HCPL

    Clubs invited to join the Home Counties Premier League Division Two (West) must confirm in writing to the League Secretary whether they have accepted or declined the invitation within 14 days of the invitation being made.

11.3 Promotion

    In all divisions except Division 1 a minimum of 2 teams will be guaranteed promotion at the end of the season, except where 11.4 or 11.5 applies.

11.4 Teams in the same Division

    No club can have two teams in the same division with the exception of the bottom division.

11.5 Relegation

    If a team is relegated into the same division as another team from the same club, then the team already in that division will also be relegated or denied promotion to that division.

11.6 Annual Awards Eligibility

    Annual Batting and Bowling awards can only be won by Category 1 registered players.


Set out below is the criteria that any club who wishes to apply for membership of the Cherwell Cricket League must meet before their application can be considered by the League Management Committee. Any applications meeting the criteria will be put before the member clubs at an AGM for acceptance. At an AGM the club applying must receive support from more than 66% of clubs voting.

12.1 Ground

    The Club must have its own ground or have a secure long term lease on a ground which will allow fixtures in Divisions 1 to 6 to be played on any Saturday designated by the League during the months of April, May, June, July, August and September.

12.1 Ground - Rule removed

12.3 Second Team

    The Club must have a second team of suitable ability to play in the bottom division of the Cherwell League.

12.4 Facilties

    The Club's facilities and ground must comply with the standards that are applicable to all Cherwell League clubs, as shown in the League's handbook.

12.5 Accounts

    The Club must supply the League with approved accounts for the two seasons prior to it applying for membership.

12.6 Application

    The Club's application must be supported by two current Cherwell League clubs.

12.7 Umpires

    Any club that is elected to join the Cherwell Cricket League must be capable of supplying an umpire who meets the standards required by the League to officiate on the League Umpires' Panel if they are placed in a Division where this is a league rule.