The Cherwell Cricket League

Performances of the week for 18 August 2018


Top 10 Highest Team Scores

Sandford St Martin 2366Sandford St Martin 2 vs. Banbury 4Division 6Scorecard
Oxford Downs 1303Oxford Downs 1 vs. Great Brickhill 1Division 1Scorecard
Stokenchurch 1297Horley 1 vs. Stokenchurch 1Division 3Scorecard
Didcot 2293Didcot 2 vs. Chearsley 1Division 5Scorecard
Great Brickhill 1286Oxford Downs 1 vs. Great Brickhill 1Division 1Scorecard
Bicester & North Oxford 1280Bicester & North Oxford 1 vs. Cublington 1Division 3Scorecard
Cumnor 2278Cumnor 2 vs. Leighton Buzzard Town 2Division 5Scorecard
Leighton Buzzard Town 2277Cumnor 2 vs. Leighton Buzzard Town 2Division 5Scorecard
Twyford 1268Tiddington 1 vs. Twyford 1Division 1Scorecard
Great & Little Tew 2268Great Brickhill 2 vs. Great & Little Tew 2Division 3Scorecard

Top 10 Quickest Wins

Challow and Childrey 313.5Buckingham Town 4 vs. Challow and Childrey 3Division 8Scorecard
Bletchley Town 215.3Bletchley Town 2 vs. Bledlow Ridge 2Division 9Scorecard
Bledlow Village 220Great & Little Tew 3 vs. Bledlow Village 2Division 7Scorecard
Thame Town 320Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 3 vs. Thame Town 3Division 9Scorecard
Thame Town 421Thame Town 4 vs. Didcot 4Division 10Scorecard
Eynsham 225.3Eynsham 2 vs. Abingdon Vale 4Division 10Scorecard
Stokenchurch 225.4Stokenchurch 2 vs. Oxford 4Division 9Scorecard
Bicester & North Oxford 328Bicester & North Oxford 3 vs. Shipton-under-Wychwood 4Division 10Scorecard
Kingston Bagpuize 229.1Tiddington 3 vs. Kingston Bagpuize 2Division 9Scorecard
Minster Lovell 329.2Minster Lovell 3 vs. Westbury 3Division 10Scorecard


Top 20 Highest Individual Scores

Chris ThompsonSandford St Martin 2Banbury 4Division 6172*Scorecard
Adam BeckOxford Downs 1Great Brickhill 1Division 1152Scorecard
Shabaz AlamTwyford 1Tiddington 1Division 1150*Scorecard
Jim HoweSandford St Martin 2Banbury 4Division 6131Scorecard
Rhiaan KrynauwLeighton Buzzard Town 2Cumnor 2Division 5130Scorecard
Ben HardernCumnor 2Leighton Buzzard Town 2Division 5123*Scorecard
Marcus CritchleyGreat Brickhill 1Oxford Downs 1Division 1114Scorecard
Max SmithTiddington 1Twyford 1Division 194Scorecard
Arshad LatifStokenchurch 1Horley 1Division 386Scorecard
Ewan George CrawleyLong Marston 1Banbury 2Division 183Scorecard
Nick PykettTiddington 1Twyford 1Division 179Scorecard
Jehan MohammedHorspath 2Westbury 1Division 279Scorecard
Ollie MorganBanbury 2Long Marston 1Division 177Scorecard
Richard UnderdownDidcot 1Leighton Buzzard Town 1Division 277Scorecard
Alistair ShortBanbury 4Sandford St Martin 2Division 674Scorecard
Christian WarwickThame Town 2Witney Mills 1Division 471*Scorecard
Jack SearsStokenchurch 1Horley 1Division 371Scorecard
Jack FosterKimble 1Dinton 2Division 570*Scorecard
Paul AtkinsLong Marston 2Abingdon Vale 2Division 470Scorecard
George SandbachOxford Downs 1Great Brickhill 1Division 170Scorecard


Top 20 Bowling Performances

Edward SomertonCropredy 1Sandford St Martin 1Division 27-16Scorecard
George WoodleyDidcot 1Leighton Buzzard Town 1Division 26-19Scorecard
Cam SpilsburyOxford Downs 2Banbury 3Division 36-21Scorecard
Ben HillaryBledlow Ridge 1Buckingham Town 3Division 65-20Scorecard
Richard TredwellWestbury 1Horspath 2Division 25-36Scorecard
George EvansAbingdon Vale 3Charlbury 2Division 85-38Scorecard
Jeremy SmithLong Marston 1Banbury 2Division 15-48Scorecard
Paul HemmingShipton-under-Wychwood 2Tiddington 2Division 45-52Scorecard
Khurram KhalidTwyford 2Horley 2Division 64-14Scorecard
Eddie DunnMinster Lovell 1Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 1Division 34-17Scorecard
Luke HeritageHorspath 2Westbury 1Division 24-21Scorecard
Paul WhiteAbingdon Vale 1Cumnor 1Division 14-22Scorecard
Jehan MohammedHorspath 2Westbury 1Division 24-25Scorecard
Wasim MehmoodOxford Downs 2Banbury 3Division 34-27Scorecard
Jonathan JenkinsonAbingdon Vale 1Cumnor 1Division 14-29Scorecard
Matt RidgwayThame Town 2Witney Mills 1Division 44-30Scorecard
Matthew DarleyAbingdon Vale 2Long Marston 2Division 44-32Scorecard
William PenderedAston Rowant 2Wolverton Town 1Division 24-33Scorecard
Michael SimpsonBanbury 3Oxford Downs 2Division 34-35Scorecard
Robin NewmanAbingdon Vale 3Charlbury 2Division 84-38Scorecard


3 or more Dismissals in a Match


PlayerTeamOppositionDivisionNum. Catches
Richard BeeLong Marston 1Banbury 2Division 14Scorecard
Michael LoweBrackley 1Charlbury 1Division 44Scorecard
Anthony VickersCropredy 1Sandford St Martin 1Division 24Scorecard
Sam RolfeBledlow Ridge 1Buckingham Town 3Division 63Scorecard
Daniel HallDidcot 1Leighton Buzzard Town 1Division 23Scorecard
Matthew WeeksTiddington 2Shipton-under-Wychwood 2Division 43Scorecard
Jamie ColesGreat & Little Tew 2Great Brickhill 2Division 33Scorecard
Alastair BeeLong Marston 1Banbury 2Division 13Scorecard