The Cherwell Cricket League

Performances of the week for 2 September 2017


Top 10 Highest Team Scores

Banbury 4319Chearsley 1 vs. Banbury 4Division 6Scorecard
Bledlow Village 2300Long Marston 3 vs. Bledlow Village 2Division 7Scorecard
Aston Rowant 5295Shipton-under-Wychwood 4 vs. Aston Rowant 5Division 10Scorecard
Bledlow Village 1288Bledlow Village 1 vs. Cropredy 1Division 2Scorecard
Bicester & North Oxford 1284Horley 1 vs. Bicester & North Oxford 1Division 3Scorecard
Leighton Buzzard Town 2279Leighton Buzzard Town 2 vs. Bledlow Ridge 1Division 5Scorecard
Kingston Bagpuize 1278Kimble 1 vs. Kingston Bagpuize 1Division 5Scorecard
Aston Rowant 3270Aston Rowant 3 vs. Challow and Childrey 2Division 6Scorecard
Bicester & North Oxford 2265Bicester & North Oxford 2 vs. Aston Rowant 4Division 7Scorecard
Kimble 1260Kimble 1 vs. Kingston Bagpuize 1Division 5Scorecard

Top 10 Quickest Wins

Westbury 17.3Westbury 1 vs. Oxford Downs 2Division 3Scorecard
Dinton 111.1Aston Rowant 2 vs. Dinton 1Division 1Scorecard
Minster Lovell 214.5Minster Lovell 2 vs. Horley 2Division 7Scorecard
Challow and Childrey 124.2Challow and Childrey 1 vs. Great & Little Tew 2Division 2Scorecard
Challow and Childrey 325Challow and Childrey 3 vs. Kimble 2Division 9Scorecard
Minster Lovell 125Tiddington 2 vs. Minster Lovell 1Division 4Scorecard
Brackley 225.1Bledlow Ridge 2 vs. Brackley 2Division 8Scorecard
Oxford Downs 329Thame Town 3 vs. Oxford Downs 3Division 9Scorecard
Horspath 430.2Cublington 2 vs. Horspath 4Division 7Scorecard
Twyford 134.1Horspath 2 vs. Twyford 1Division 1Scorecard


Top 20 Highest Individual Scores

Michael WinsonBledlow Village 2Long Marston 3Division 7127Scorecard
Brian TaylorBanbury 4Chearsley 1Division 6115Scorecard
Harry BartlettBledlow Village 1Cropredy 1Division 2113Scorecard
Rhiaan KrynauwLeighton Buzzard Town 2Bledlow Ridge 1Division 5106*Scorecard
James NielsonThame Town 2Dinton 2Division 4104Scorecard
Marcus GoodchildBledlow Village 2Long Marston 3Division 7102*Scorecard
Marco CecchiniKingston Bagpuize 1Kimble 1Division 5100*Scorecard
Miles PicknettOxford 3Didcot 2Division 598Scorecard
Alex RossKimble 1Kingston Bagpuize 1Division 590Scorecard
Shabaz AlamTwyford 1Horspath 2Division 188Scorecard
Hasnat TanveerWolverton Town 2Abingdon Vale 3Division 887Scorecard
Chris KingWolverton Town 2Abingdon Vale 3Division 886*Scorecard
Stuart EdwardsKingston Bagpuize 2Dinton 3Division 1085*Scorecard
Phillip BarnettAston Rowant 5Shipton-under-Wychwood 4Division 1085Scorecard
Max ManneringCumnor 1Long Marston 1Division 181Scorecard
Louis MaseOxford 3Didcot 2Division 581Scorecard
Sam LyonAston Rowant 3Challow and Childrey 2Division 676Scorecard
Daniel SavinBicester & North Oxford 1Horley 1Division 376*Scorecard
Christopher JonesGreat Brickhill 2East Oxford 1Division 375Scorecard
Luiz Miguel StomanDidcot 3Shipton-under-Wychwood 3Division 872Scorecard


Top 20 Bowling Performances

Harry WilliamsWestbury 1Oxford Downs 2Division 36-12Scorecard
Richard PengellyBuckingham Town 3Sandford St Martin 2Division 66-24Scorecard
Adrian MangerHorspath 3Bletchley Town 1Division 46-44Scorecard
George WoodleyKingston Bagpuize 1Kimble 1Division 56-66Scorecard
Ben PorterAston Rowant 5Shipton-under-Wychwood 4Division 105-1Scorecard
Will HedgerBrackley 2Bledlow Ridge 2Division 85-9Scorecard
George SimmsMinster Lovell 2Horley 2Division 75-16Scorecard
Daniel ClarkBicester & North Oxford 1Horley 1Division 35-21Scorecard
Michael LoweBrackley 1Witney Mills 1Division 45-28Scorecard
Joe HarrisChallow and Childrey 1Great & Little Tew 2Division 25-30Scorecard
Tom BoardmanWestbury 2Witney Mills 2Division 75-36Scorecard
Sam BastinLong Marston 1Cumnor 1Division 15-38Scorecard
Josh TriggsStokenchurch 1Shipton-under-Wychwood 2Division 45-52Scorecard
Mohammad Imran East Oxford 2Twyford 2Division 65-55Scorecard
Alf SymonsOxford 3Didcot 2Division 55-59Scorecard
Matt RidgwayThame Town 2Dinton 2Division 45-64Scorecard
Johnny LawOxford Downs 1Banbury 2Division 15-71Scorecard
Alan ProtheroDidcot 4Abingdon Vale 4Division 104-11Scorecard
Charlie HarperWestbury 1Oxford Downs 2Division 34-11Scorecard
Owen DaviesTwyford 3Banbury 5Division 94-14Scorecard


3 or more Dismissals in a Match


PlayerTeamOppositionDivisionNum. Catches
Matthew LuxfordAston Rowant 3Challow and Childrey 2Division 65Scorecard
Neil MegsonBanbury 3Cublington 1Division 34Scorecard
Keith CartwrightBrackley 1Witney Mills 1Division 44Scorecard
Frankie CrouchOxford Downs 1Banbury 2Division 13Scorecard
Freddie WilkinsonTwyford 1Horspath 2Division 13Scorecard
Timothy CogginsCropredy 2Abingdon Vale 2Division 53Scorecard
Jordan MorrisonDidcot 1Sandford St Martin 1Division 23Scorecard