The Cherwell Cricket League

Performances of the week for 1 September 2018


Top 10 Highest Team Scores

Oxford Downs 1312Oxford Downs 1 vs. Twyford 1Division 1Scorecard
Bledlow Village 1304Horspath 2 vs. Bledlow Village 1Division 2Scorecard
Horley 1298Banbury 3 vs. Horley 1Division 3Scorecard
Cumnor 1296Banbury 2 vs. Cumnor 1Division 1Scorecard
Bledlow Ridge 1286Bledlow Ridge 1 vs. Banbury 4Division 6Scorecard
Chearsley 1285Chearsley 1 vs. Leighton Buzzard Town 2Division 5Scorecard
Aston Rowant 2282Sandford St Martin 1 vs. Aston Rowant 2Division 2Scorecard
Horspath 2270Horspath 2 vs. Bledlow Village 1Division 2Scorecard
Charlbury 1267Charlbury 1 vs. Abingdon Vale 2Division 4Scorecard
Oxford 3264Oxford 3 vs. Buckingham Town 3Division 6Scorecard

Top 10 Quickest Wins

Dinton 315.4Dinton 3 vs. Shipton-under-Wychwood 4Division 10Scorecard
Bledlow Village 218.3Bledlow Village 2 vs. Horspath 4Division 7Scorecard
Buckingham Town 419Buckingham Town 4 vs. Cublington 2Division 8Scorecard
Witney Mills 221.5Abingdon Vale 3 vs. Witney Mills 2Division 8Scorecard
Oxford Downs 330.2Shipton-under-Wychwood 3 vs. Oxford Downs 3Division 8Scorecard
Westbury 332Thame Town 4 vs. Westbury 3Division 10Scorecard
Wolverton Town 233Great & Little Tew 3 vs. Wolverton Town 2Division 7Scorecard
Didcot 433.3Didcot 4 vs. Abingdon Vale 4Division 10Scorecard
Aston Rowant 439.2Aston Rowant 4 vs. Didcot 3Division 7Scorecard
Stokenchurch 240.4Stokenchurch 2 vs. Cumnor 3Division 9Scorecard


Top 20 Highest Individual Scores

Andrew LeesWestbury 2Bicester & North Oxford 2Division 7130*Scorecard
David BarnesBrackley 2Challow and Childrey 3Division 8127Scorecard
Adam WirthBrackley 1Shipton-under-Wychwood 2Division 4120Scorecard
George SandbachOxford Downs 1Twyford 1Division 1120Scorecard
Geoffrey GravesonLong Marston 3Charlbury 2Division 8113*Scorecard
Chris SandbachOxford Downs 1Twyford 1Division 1112Scorecard
Gus WattsOxford Downs 3Shipton-under-Wychwood 3Division 8111*Scorecard
Charlie ParkerChearsley 1Leighton Buzzard Town 2Division 5111Scorecard
Tom LightLeighton Buzzard Town 1Oxford 2Division 2110*Scorecard
Vishal ValambhiaBuckingham Town 3Oxford 3Division 6110Scorecard
Michael RaceCumnor 1Banbury 2Division 198Scorecard
Michael WinsonBledlow Village 1Horspath 2Division 298Scorecard
Patrick BryanChallow and Childrey 2Sandford St Martin 2Division 696Scorecard
Jonathan HartHorley 1Banbury 3Division 394*Scorecard
Thaddeus CooperAston Rowant 2Sandford St Martin 1Division 292Scorecard
Jeff HiggsTiddington 3Oxford 4Division 989*Scorecard
Stuart AtkinsCharlbury 1Abingdon Vale 2Division 486Scorecard
Leigh LewisAston Rowant 3Horspath 3Division 585Scorecard
Peter CoolingCropredy 3Eynsham 2Division 1084Scorecard
Richard TilleyWitney Mills 2Abingdon Vale 3Division 884*Scorecard


Top 20 Bowling Performances

Sam LeppardStokenchurch 2Cumnor 3Division 96-17Scorecard
Jamie JenningsCropredy 2Cumnor 2Division 56-31Scorecard
Robin KingEynsham 1Horley 2Division 65-17Scorecard
Khurram KhalidTwyford 2Minster Lovell 2Division 65-23Scorecard
Jamie BatesTiddington 3Oxford 4Division 95-26Scorecard
Neil SmithTiddington 1Challow and Childrey 1Division 15-28Scorecard
Harry WhiteheadChallow and Childrey 2Sandford St Martin 2Division 65-28Scorecard
Daniel ClarkBicester & North Oxford 1Oxford Downs 2Division 35-30Scorecard
Michael GillettBledlow Ridge 1Banbury 4Division 65-31Scorecard
Nigel HillChallow and Childrey 3Brackley 2Division 85-33Scorecard
Garth DavsonGreat Brickhill 1Long Marston 1Division 15-37Scorecard
Harry SuttonOxford Downs 1Twyford 1Division 15-54Scorecard
Videet VadaliaDinton 3Shipton-under-Wychwood 4Division 104-5Scorecard
Charlie OakeyWestbury 2Bicester & North Oxford 2Division 74-13Scorecard
Charlie SintonCharlbury 1Abingdon Vale 2Division 44-17Scorecard
Josh PorterDinton 3Shipton-under-Wychwood 4Division 104-18Scorecard
Toukeer AhmedOxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 1Cublington 1Division 34-18Scorecard
Syed AliDidcot 4Abingdon Vale 4Division 104-19Scorecard
Dee JarvisShipton-under-Wychwood 2Brackley 1Division 44-21Scorecard
Tanveer AlamEast Oxford 1Long Marston 2Division 44-22Scorecard


3 or more Dismissals in a Match


PlayerTeamOppositionDivisionNum. Catches
Anthony VickersCropredy 1Westbury 1Division 24Scorecard
David ClarkHorley 1Banbury 3Division 34Scorecard
Alex ThomasHorspath 3Aston Rowant 3Division 53Scorecard
Mark FosterChallow and Childrey 1Tiddington 1Division 13Scorecard
Joe ButcherAbingdon Vale 1Buckingham Town 2Division 13Scorecard
Isaac HallDidcot 4Abingdon Vale 4Division 103Scorecard
Ryan HicksHorspath 2Bledlow Village 1Division 23Scorecard
Matthew LuxfordAston Rowant 3Horspath 3Division 53Scorecard
Jonathon NicholBrackley 2Challow and Childrey 3Division 83Scorecard
Joseph DaleCumnor 1Banbury 2Division 13Scorecard
Olly SutcliffeThame Town 2Tiddington 2Division 43Scorecard